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Curtis Slamdawg

Trained with ETWA before his first match on August 13th 1994 for Eastern Township Wrestling Association in Derby Line,Vt. worked for them on and off for two years in Quebec Canada and Northern VT, then started working for Green Mountain Wrestling, became the first GMW heavyweight champion and later held that title 3 times, also began working for Tony Rumble's Century Wrestling Alliance which became NWA New England, it was there that he formed the New York Posse with Ron Zombie and Jay Cobain and manager James E Cornette, with Cornette as a manager, became NWA New England heavyweight champion, NWA world tag team champion and NWA New England tag champion. While still working for GMW and NWA New England he began training at the WWE dojo in Stamford CT. with Dr. Tom Prichard, still continued working many independents in CT, MA ,VT,NY, and NH, in the year 2006 he began to stop taking bookings and only worked occasional special shows for ETWA in VT. in 2014, was inducted into the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Managed by,

Gorgeous Gary Lang

The Pink Assassin

Gq John Rodeo

James E Cornette

Mr.Lance Wright


The New York Posse consisted with different factions at times,Curtis Slamdawg, Ron Zombie,Jay Kobain, Kidd USA and The Mercenary

Titles held: 2 X Nwa New England HW champ

Nwa world tag team champs with The New York Posse

Nwa New England tag team champ with The New York Posse

2014 New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame

3 X Green Mountain Wrestling HW champ

4 x Pro Wrestling Illustrators top 500 wrestlers list,

Wrestling Star Wars HW champ

Wrestlepalooza tag team champ with Ron Zombie

promotion work for :

Eastern Township Wrestling Association

Green Mountain Wrestling

Century Wrestling Alliance

NWA New England


Wrestling Star Wars

Connecticut Championship Wrestling

Assault Championship Wrestling

Chaotic Wrestling

Defiant Pro Wrestling

Acid Pro Wrestling

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