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  We here at the New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame strive to recognize familiar faces from television as well as the talents that may go unrecognized otherwise. We honor those who have put their bodies on the line and paved the way for others. We recognize talents from the entire East Coast from local talents to stars from television whom have all made their impact one way or another on the East Coast. 


  We dont just recognize wrestlers persay. We also spotlight other aspects of the wrestling business from Referees to Managers, Ring announcers to Promoters and all points in between. On occasion we honor one individual / legendary location with the New England ICON award. The New England ICON award started in 2010 with Tim White and The Friendly Tap. The award came back in 2013 with Larry Bonoff and The Warwick Musical Theatre.


  We will continue to showcase talents from the past, present and future as New England Fan Fest has certainly become a New England tradition.


Thank you to all who have been apart of this great business and I will make sure to continue on as a public showcase for your talents and all that you do and have done.



 Joseph Bruen


Joseph Bruen

Founder of the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame


 The New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame was founded by Joe Bruen in January of 2008. Three Induction Ceremonies took place at local Independent shows as filler for Intermission. Joe Bruen really wanted to make sure that local talent were recognized in a public forum for all that they did over the years. There hasn’t been proper recognition for local wrestlers and may never be said Joe bruen. So Joe took it upon himself to create the New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame. Joe too has been in the business for over 18 years now and has been a fan since age five. Joe is a former ring announcer for about ten years and has taken part in many projects over the years such as guest manager, booker, and promoter of the HWF (Heatwave wrestling Federation) Talk show Host, Editor, Camera man, photographer and the list goes on. July 2009 was the first ever Induction ceremony and dinner banquet which brought this Hall of Fame to all new heights and recognition. April 18Th 2010 was the 5TH annual Induction ceremony and 2ND annual Dinner banquet. There were 20 more local superstars/personalities honored. This hall recognizes all of New England and the entire east coast. May 21st, 2011 was the 6th annual Induction ceremony.  It was a full day long event celebrating the hard work of the men and women in the New England Pro Wrestling world.  Fans were able to meet and greet with wrestling legends in the morning which was followed by the Hall of Fame Dinner banquet in the evening. 

 There was a break in 2012 and the anticipation built even more. The New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame came back in 2013 with it`s 7th annual induction ceremony. It returned in 2014 with the 8th installment of the ceremony and again in 2015 with the 9th annual New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame induction ceremony! There is another break here in 2016 but you sure haven`t seen the end!!

Wolfman Jason Sanderson
Tom Burke on right
The Lake Sisters
Tammy Sytch
Silvano Sousa grey shirt
Sheldon Goldberg
Robbie Ellis
Referee Willie Jackson
Referee Dave Dwinell
Powers of Pain
Power Company Twins
Nikolai Volkoff
Men on a Mission
Live wire Dave Padula
Lethal Paul Lauzon on left
Larry Bonoff
Kurt Adonis
Kevin Sullivan
John Rambo
Jim Kettner on right
Gino Martino
Bobby Riedel
Bittany Brown
Alex Payne on right
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