All Axxess Entertainment is here to bring the talent to you!

Are you interested in booking a wrestling superstar for a live wrestling event, autograph session, question and answer session,

birthday party or special event?

         Well you have come to the right place as ALL AXXESS ENTERTAINMENT can do all the work for you!

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Serious bookings ONLY!!!

Talent Available:


Barbie Blank FKA Kelly Kelly
Bill Goldberg
James J. Dillon
Shelly Martinez
Jesus FKA Ricardo Rodriguez
Mario Mancini
Eric Bischoff
James E. Cornette
Pete Gasparino
Fred Ottman FKA Tugboat
Powers of Pain
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Tony Atlas
Ray Lloyd FKA Glacier
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
Scott Hall
Jim Ross
Maria Kanellis
Tiny Lister FKA Zeus
Kristal Marshall
Bushwhacker Luke Williams
Dory Funk Jr.
Referee Jimmy Korderas
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Herman Stevens FKA Clarence Mason
Romeo Roselli and Antonio Thomas
FKA The Heart Throbs
Mark Canterbury FKA Henry Godwinn
Dennis Knight FKA Mideon
Tito Santana
Scott Norton
Diana Hart Smith
Debra Marshall
Tammy Sytch
Rick Martel
Karlee Perez
Kenn Doane
Headshrinker Samu
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Bryan Clark
Harry Smith
Alicia Webb
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