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Debra heads to Think INK Signatures

This is a DO NOT MISS event courtesy of Think Ink Signatures & Sorrentino Promotions! Former Queen of WCW and one of the biggest stars of the Attitude Era in the WWF, Debra McMichael will be doing her first ever virtual signing this Friday December 4th from 6:00pm-10:00pm. Visit Think Ink Signatures on facebook and be sure to tune in and see this very special signing event.

There will be a large array of Debra photos to choose from for purchase as well as other merchandise through out the auction. If this is your first time tuning into a virtual signing, you simply choose which item or photo you want and Debra will then sign the item to your liking LIVE on facebook. Once you pay for your autograph purchase via paypal, it will be signed the way you like and mailed right to your house.

Debra was apart of both WCW & WWF managing the likes of Steve "Mongo" McMichael, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart. Debra is also a former WWF Women`s Champion and one of the most recognizable superstars from the attitude era! This will be her very first virtual signing and certainly a RARE appearance to say the least. Debra will also be answering your questions during the LIVE virtual signing as the will be a portion dedicated to Q&A!

Visit for all the details and to PRE ORDER your autographs now!!


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