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"Mr. Troubleman" Anthony Rufo

Anthony Rufo highlight match of his wrestling career was for Chaotic Wrestling and the King of Chaos Tournament Title Match in Worcester Ma. It was a 37 minute Four-way hard-core match, barbed wire took the place of the ring ropes, and four wrestler wrestled in a hardcore elimination style match the ring was filled with weapons, tables, chairs, glass bottles, barbed wire baseball bats, fluorescent bulbs, thumbtacks and a culminating with a huge fireball. His first actual appearance was a Battle Royal for The New England Wrestling Alliance, at the Warwick VetsHigh school, in 1993. He made his pro wrestling debut was as Dambulla a 327lb witch Doctor. Then it was numerous matches. It got to a point where Rufo knew if he were really going to take this sport serious he would need to be trained properly. From there Anthony took in some training at Killer'sSchool in Malden Ma. Then moved on from there and traveled to and worked for various wrestling promotions throughout New England and the East Coast.

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