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The BIGGEST show in the smallest state!

If you were lucky enough to be in attendance at Rhode Island Comic Con this year, then you know how great the celebrity interaction really is. Celebrities really take the time with their fans and it was great to see up close and personal. Fans fly in from all over the world hoping for the best interactions with their favorite stars and that`s exactly what they got this past weekend at RICC.

One of the biggest stories to come out of the weekend was the fact that Actor Carol Spinney was making his final convention / public meet & greet appearance ever. It was sad to see an Icon like Carol retire from the convention world but at the same time, deserves his time with family after all that he`s given over the years to his great fans. For those who don`t know Carol, he is most famously known as the puppeteer and voice of two of the most Iconic characters we have ever known. Carol was not only Oscar the Grouch but also Big Bird. Carol left a legacy that will never be forgotten and will live on for many more generations to come through various forms of entertainment. We here at All Axxess Entertainment wish Carol Spinney nothing but the best in his retirement and would like to thank him for all of the great memories he has provided over the years.

Pro Wrestler Jon Moxley (AEW Superstar) was joined by his wife Renee Young (WWE Announcer) which was a pleasant surprise to fans as she wasn`t announced to appear and simply came to visit her husband. Renee sat with Jon for a portion of the weekend and also greeted fans in attendance.

Fans had the opportunity to visit the zombie room on the 5th floor of the Rhode Island Convention Center which is always filled with awesome cosplay and props each year. They are there for a great cause, bringing awareness and raising money for Leukemia each year.

Several of the Comic Con community made their way to an awesome local establishment known as The Thirsty Beaver Pub & Grub in Cranston, Rhode Island on Saturday evening after the conclusion of day two. Jaleel White, D Von Dudley, Victoria, Demolition Ax & Smash among others invaded the Beaver and the hospitality was top notch as always.

Fans dressed as their favorite characters all weekend and the costumes seem to be getting more and more creative each year.

We spoke with actor Bill Hargreaves who most famously played the bounty hunter known as IG-88 in the Empire Strikes Back. What we didn`t know before speaking with Bill was the fact that he also played most of the other droids / robots through out the movie which was a treat to learn! Bill mentioned that the IG-88 barely moved at all and was simply made to be a prop and only a prop and would literally just stand there in the scene. Bill adjusted the mechanism in the head to allow it to turn slightly from side to side as it did in one of the scenes in the film.

Bill mentioned that he does these shows several times a year around the world (mostly outside of the country) with his fellow bounty hunter actors, He loves greeting his fans and really enjoyed his time on the film. He was disappointed that he wasn`t asked to be apart of the upcoming Star wars film as there will be an appearance by IG-88 in the film. He did mention however that they have changed the name of the IG-88 in the upcoming film to most likely avoid paying royalties and to avoid using him for the project.

It`s a reunion for the actors at these events as well and they often truly enjoy catching up.

To the fans of Rhode Island Comic Con, make your voice be heard as they are currently taking celebrity guest suggestions on their website for next year. This is the perfect opportunity to let them know who you would want to meet and you never know, it may just happen!

All Axxess Entertainment

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