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New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame gearing up for 2018

The New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame recently announced it's plans for 2018! After a two year hiatus, founder Joseph Bruen made it public that there will indeed be a return in 2018 with venue and date announcements to come early in the year. Announcements have been coming over the past couple of weeks now and really building up some excitement through out the wrestling community.

Inductee announcements for 2018 are already underway and include a great array of talent who certainly played a role in the New England scene at one time or another. These names include Dylan Kage, Beau Douglas, "The Rocket" Fred Curry Jr, Aaron Morrison, Jonny Idol and Brian Fury just to name a few. Some of these talents have put in over 2 decades in the ring and are now winding down their in ring career or have even recently retired like Aaron Morrison and Brian Fury.

Brian fury now turns all of his attention to his pro wrestling school known as the New England pro wrestling academy. Giving back to the wrestling business and finding the stars of tomorrow is what it`s all about and he`s certainly one of the best around to learn from if you live in the New England area. Brian learned what he knows today from his trainer the late great Steve Bradley who is also a fellow New England pro wrestling Hall of Famer. Brian actually inducted Steve into the Class of 2009 just one year after his passing. Aaron Morrison is no stranger to training up and coming talents as he too has been an influential part of Kevin Landry`s pro wrestling school located in Massachusetts known as the Pro wrestling Combine. Kevin is also a fellow New England pro wrestling Hall of Famer (Class of 2009).

For those looking to get into the pro wrestling business check their schools out for sure. Kevin Landry`s Pro wrestling Combine is located in Holyoke, Massachusetts on 532 Main street. You can give them a call at (413) 530-5032.

Brian Fury`s New England pro wrestling Academy is located in North Andover, Massachusetts on 100 Belmont street. Check out their website at The New England Pro Wrestling Academy


Jonny Idol and Aaron Morrison are best friends in real life which makes this induction even more special for them. These guys have wrestled all over New England and beyond and have been entertaining fans for so many years now. They have simply become New England staples on the Independent scene and Jonny is still wrestling to this day. They are also very good friends with Fred Curry Jr. (Fellow 2018 Inductee). Fred will be making history for the New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame as the legendary late great Bull Curry and Flyin Fred Curry have also been inducted into the hall in prior years making this a family affair and the first family to have several members inducted. I`m sure his father Flyin Fred Curry will be on hand for his son`s induction making this a special night to remember.

Beau Douglas has been apart of the wrestling scene for a long time, basically growing up in the business. Beau has worked for and trained with some of the legends of pro wrestling such as the late great Walter "Killer" Kowalski and the late great Tony Rumble. Tony and Walter are also past inductees into the New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame. Beau started his in ring career in the late 90`s and still wrestles to this day. He has great charisma and a love for pro wrestling and has also helped train many talents over the years. He is currently the head trainer at the Bell time club training center in Wakefield, Massachusetts on 40 Broadway street, Unit B.

Dylan Kage another 2018 Inductee was a mainstay on the New England wrestling scene for many years and made quite the impact. He wrestled all over the map in such organizations as NWA, TNA, MWF, ACW, World Japan, MWA and DPW just to name a few. Dylan now lives in North Carolina but certainly made many of his memories on the New England scene.

Other 2018 inductees will include Nikki Roxx, Handsome Jimmy Valiant, Paul Roma and Ricky Sexton. "The 2018 class certainly has something for everyone" said Hall of Fame founder Joseph Bruen. Fans both young and old can appreciate the lineup and are certainly looking forward to it.

Nikki Roxx has been retired from the ring since 2013. Today she continues to focus on her fitness career which is something she has been passionate about for years now. She had a great wrestling career, wrestling all over and respected as one of the top talents of her time for sure. She was trained by Slyck Wagner Brown, The late Walter "Killer" Kowalski and the late Steve Bradley. With all that great training she put it to good use as she quickly became a top tier talent in New England and beyond. She made waves in WEW, NECW, SHIMMER, Chaotic Wrestling and even Ring of Honor. She wrestled in Mexico for such promotions as CMLL and AAA. She even had a TV deal for TNA (Total nonstop action) as Roxxi Laveau.

Paul Roma has made his mark all over the world. He wrestled for WCW as a member of the 4-Horsemen and also one half of the tag team Pretty Wonderful alongside partner Paul Orndorff. Paul was also with the WWF for many years, first as one half of the Young Stallions alongside Jim Powers and also as one half of Power and Glory alongside Hercules. Paul was trained in 1984 by Tony Altomare. Whether it was at Clash of the Champions or The Survivor Series, Roma had success wherever he wrestled. Paul now runs a pro wrestling school along with his friends and fellow wrestlers Mario Mancini and Dave Paradise. The school is known as Paradise Alley Wrestling located in East Haven Connecticut on 662 Coe ave Unit 2.

Ricky Sexton has had quite the career in the world of pro wrestling. Ricky a Milford, Massachusetts native has wrestled all over the world and started in the 1950s. He wrestled for the WWWF and had matches with some of the best in pro wrestling history including Luke Graham, The Sheik, Arnold Skaaland, Baron Mikel Scicluna, Waldo Von Erich, Johnny Valentine, Bulldog Brower and Angelo Savoldi just to name a few! He also had a couple matches with the AWA as well. His son followed his footsteps known in the WWF as Richie Rich.

Handsome Jimmy Valiant known to many as "The Boogie Woogie man" will be headlining the Class of 2018. Jimmy had an incredible career which started in 1964. Jimmy was trained by wrestling great Verne Gagne. Jimmy won the WWWF tag team championships with partner Johnny Valiant and also had a run in the AWA managed by Bobby Heenan. Jimmy feuded with Jerry Lawler in Memphis wrestling and also had a great run in the NWA. Jimmy was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame (Then WWF) in the mid 90s. Jimmy also wrote a book "Woo...Mercy Daddy!" Welcome to My World The Jimmy Valiant Story.

The Ceremony will once again be hosted by the legendary Howard Finkel and Co-Hosted by announcer Rich Palladino. Ashley Mason has also been announced as the hostess for the evening`s festivities. The date and location will be announced within the next week or so, so stay tuned!

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