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Howard Finkel Celebrates 40 Years!

When it comes to pro wrestling, there are many elements that bring an event together. You must have a referee and at minimum two opposing wrestlers. There is another element that completes the match and that is the ring announcer. When it comes to ring announcers we have seen dozens over the years, but there has never been anyone that has come close to the skills of one Howard Finkel. The announcements heading to the ring are very important and should be very impactful. There has always been something special about Howard Finkel and his ability to present a contest like no other. You hear the bell ring and often followed by the phrase "Ladies and Gentlemen" which emmidiately grabs the attention of anyone listening. Howard Finkel has been apart of the WWE for a long time. In fact Howard was the first WWE superstar to sign a contract when they had become known as the WWF (World Wrestling Federation).

They transitioned from WWWF to the WWF and in doing so, they signed Howard to a full time contract, being the first to do so. This month we are celebrating 40 years with the WWE for the legendary announcer Howard Finkel. Howard has been a non stop force in the WWE for 40 years now whether it was announcing in the ring or working behind the scenes like he does today. Howard continues to work for the WWE full time out of their headquarters (The Titan Towers) and remains one of the most respected in the company.

Howard`s wealth of knowledge for pro wrestling is like no other and he is truly an asset that any company would fight for. Howard`s legendary announcement "And NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW "as a new champion is crowned is still mimicked to this day by fans all over the world.

Howard was discovered at a theater in Connecticut many years back while he worked as an usher. Howard Finkel famously coined the term "WRESTLEMANIA" which is now a household name around the world. Wrestlemania started at Madison Square Garden in New York city back in 1985 with an all or nothing attitude going into it. Thankfully it was a huge success and has become one of the world`s largest celebrated events anywhere. Howard is also the only personality to appear on camera at every Wrestlemania since it started which is a huge accomplishment in itself and only fitting.

Howard Finkel was inducted into the WWE Hall of fame in 2009 putting his name in the history books as one of the best of all time to do what he did. Howard continues to give back to the fans and meet and greet with them at Conventions and Comic Cons all over the world including being a big part of New England Fan Fest and the New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame over the years. Not only has Howard accomplished so much over the years, but he`s also such a genuine guy and a pleasure to be around. If you`re a fan that hasn`t met him yet but has an opportunity in the near future, take advantage of it as it`s worth every penny.

Howard Finkel has also stepped out of the dress shoes several times over the years, whether it be as Chris Jericho`s lackey, The Bushwhackers guest manager or even the opponent of Dr. Harvey Wippleman in a tuxedo match. Howard has covered all basis in the pro wrestling world and we here at All Axxess Entertainment would like to celebrate him and congratulate him on 40 years of success with the WWE and many more to come i`m sure!

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