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Jose Luis Rivera

Jose Luis Rivera

Birthplace: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Professional Wrestling Career, which consists of at least seven on and off signings with WWF

(currently known as WWE)

Aliases (Wrestling Career):

- Mac Rivera

- Jose Luis Rivera

- Black Shadow

- Red Demon

- Conquistador #1

- Black Demon

- Juan Lopez

- Mr. X

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 238 lbs.

Wrestling Debut: Late 1970’s

Early Life

Growing up in a household of seven children; Jose Rivera being one of 5 boys and 2

girls, always had a fascination and aspirations of becoming a professional wrestler. At the age of

14, Rivera had moved out of Puerto Rico to begin continue attending school and beginning work

in the U.S. Monthly, he would go to Madison Square Garden to watch local wrestling matches

and competitions. During which he would always vividly imagine and immerse himself in

thoughts of stepping into a wrestling ring on his own.

First Contact

In 1973 Jose Rivera met Pedro Morales, who at the time held the World Wrestling

Federation Championship (currently named the WWE World Heavyweight Championship).

Morales saw potential in Rivera, and thus sent him to take introductory training classes at the

Williamsburg Wrestling Club centered in Brooklyn, New York. After three weeks of continuous

and rigorous training, Rivera was offered his first official matchup. Sometime after the matchup,

he moved to New Jersey and began to wrestle during a local segment on channel 41, the segment

at the time was named “Rings de 41”. In 1975, he returned to Puerto Rico for several months

performing wrestling matches as a free agent for local companies.


Upon returning to the U.S. and traveling to Texas in 1978, he met famous Mexican

wrestler Jose Lotorio. Through Lotorio, Rivera was able to make contact with a local promoter

by the name of Gary Hart whom was in charge of local recruiting and talent. After observing his

skill, Hart invited Rivera to try out in Dallas, Texas. After a few months of training and gaining

positive influence and promotion, Rivera gained the break of a lifetime when he was offered to

compete for the National Wrestling Alliance. While in partnership with the NWA, Rivera met

many popular and rising stars, such as “Superstar” Billy Graham, Dusty Rhodes (whom he

wrestled with several times), Afa and Sika of the Wild Samoans and many more, with the 8

months being the then greatest highlights of his career. During the late 1970’s, there had been

many rapid negative changes in the NWA although this did not deter Rivera from his passion of

wrestling. A short time later, he wrestled Ivan Putski who admired his resolve and technique,

earning Rivera and invitation to return the following day to compete while televised. However,

he soon discovered the negative treatment the newcomers (referred to as the “bobby’s”) such as

himself had received, and thus opted out of his contract with the NWA. Sometime later, he

continued to wrestle for local wrestling companies centered in New York, New Jersey and


Return to the WWF

In 1982, Rivera returned to sign with WWF, under the new ring name of Mac Rivera. By

1973 competing under this name, CEO Vincent McMahon Jr. expressed his interest in Rivera,

opting to offer him a job working with the WWC Company. However McMahon had one

condition for offering the job: he would need to change his ring name of Mac Rivera to

“something a little more Latin”, prompting the transition from “Mac Rivera” to “Jose Luis

Rivera”. After 6 months of competing for the WWC brand, he received another call from

McMahon, who stated his interest in Rivera and offered him a debut match for the WWF at

Madison Square Garden, his childhood dream ring. After continuing for several years later with

the WWF into late 1989, Rivera suffered a sidelining injury: a fractured collarbone in the ring,

prompting his departure from the WWF. He took time to recover and soon returned to Puerto

Rico to wrestle part-time for companies like: AWA, WWC, PWA, WWS, and NWS among

others where he continued wrestling until his retirement from the ring.

Present Day

Now, Rivera is currently semi-retired yet competing and bringing to life many ring

names; Black Demon, Red Demon, Mac Rivera, Jose Luis Rivera, Black Shadow, Juan Lopez,

Mr. X and Conquistador #1. He makes many appearances at local and televised charity events

for women and children in Puerto Rico who suffer from cancer, in an effort to support the cause

for treatment and receiving funding as such. In 2014, Rivera guest appeared on a Cleveland radio

show to discuss his recent endeavors. He has also received recognition of proclamation from

Raul de Molina, currently a host of live entertainment talk show “Gordo y la Flaca”. The same

year, Rivera was inducted by Joseph Bruen into the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame

for his outstanding feats as a professional wrestler, thus achieving his goal for his later years: a

hall of fame induction. Recently, Rivera attended autograph signings and conventions at the

LaGuardia Plaza Hotel and Crowne Plaza in March and June of 2015, respectively. Being an

important touchstone in his life, wrestling is still an important part in his life and to this day

continues to attend conventions and charities to support many others.

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