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The Power Company twins (Dave and Dean)

Dave and Dean started their wrestling career in Cheshire, Conn. in 1991 under the teacher Paul Roma. Paul had just won the WCW Tag Team Titles and would fly back into town whenever he could to run the school. Paul taught the Power Company the “art” of tag team wrestling. Paul was one of the greatest tag team champions they had ever learned under and were very grateful to have been a part of his school. They were then noticed by a WCW scout named Kevin Sullivan in 1995 and were flown down to Atlanta and did their first WCW TV taping against The Giant (Big Show) and Lex Luger. From there they did regular TV shows with WCW fighting every major tag team: Steiners, Harlem Heat, Public Enemy, Bushwackers, Nasty Boys, and others. They were also very fortunate to be around some of the great singles wrestlers like Tony Atlas, Jimmy Superfly Snuka, Bill Edde, Arn Anderson, Ox Baker, Brutus Beefcake, Jimmy Hart, and other that help them out tremendously over their career. They were also apart of other (and held the tag team traps in those promotions) great promotions like XWF, Wrestle Rock, New England Pro Wrestling, ACW, NCW, AWF, EFW, and FPW.They have meet a lot of great people along their many, many journeys and wish they could thank all of them personally for all their support and good times they shared.

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