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PAPW at Mohegan Sun Casino

On August 18th PAPW (Paradise Alley Professional Wrestling) took Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut by storm. Fans came out for a fun, family friendly night of pro wrestling which featured up and coming stars and legends of the past.

Christian Casanova and JT Dunn lit it up and really tore the house down. They put on a steal the show style match to the fans delight.

PAPW has been rising in the ranks and really making a name for them selves as of late. New stars being added to the roster regularly and surprises you wont forget.

"The Retrosexual" Anthony Greene battled Richard Holliday in another great contest. Anthony has accomplished some big things recently, including being apart of the Super 8 Tournament for the ECWA in Deleware. Richard Holliday started from the ground up in PAPW as he was the very first graduate of the PAPW school. Richard actually went on to win this years ECWA Super 8 tournament. The road ahead is very bright for these two stars.

We saw Matt Striker of WWE fame, now currently with Lucha Underground, do battle with wrestling legend and New England pro wrestling Hall of Famer, Pretty Paul Roma. This was their very first encounter and certainly one of the most entertaining matches of the evening. They both put on a great show without a doubt.

Paul still hits the elbow off the top rope as good as he did back in the 80s/90s.

The stars were out in full force including Bull James of NXT fame and WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Everyone went home happy and we will certainly be hearing more from PAPW!!

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