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A look back at the very first New England Fan Fest

New England Fan Fest held it`s first event in 2010 with just a few vendors through out the day and 5 Super Ticket guests. Antonio Thomas, Bryan Clark, Rick "The Model" Martel, Larry Zbyszko and John Cena Sr. came to East Providence, Rhode Island to sign autographs and take photos over the course of a two day event. Vendor guests included Matt Borne "The original Doink the Clown", "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, Kenny Dykstra, Ox Baker, Dangerous Danny Davis, Shockwave the Robot, Mick Foley and several local talents as well.

The event took place at the Brightridge Club also known as the Brotherhood of the Holy Ghost charity Hall. Local talents also signed autographs through out the day including Sandy Starr, El Mascarado, Taeler Hendrix, Luscious Latasha, Robbie Ellis, Bull Montana, Amber among others!

There was then a special Q&A session for the fans for over an hour including Rick Martel, Antonio Thomas, John Cena Sr and Larry Zbyszko.

We had a nice turnout at the Fan Fest portion of the day and ended the weekend with the New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame Induction ceremony which was a complete sell out! The ceremony recognized many local and national talents featuring several inductees such as John Rambo, Tony Ulysses, Bad Boy Billy Black, The late Mr. Biggs, Larry Zbyszko, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, Mario Savoldi, Jumpin Joe Savoldi, Tommy Savoldi, "The Duke of Dorchester" Pete Doherty, Paul Richard, The late Public Enemy (Rocko Rock & Johnny Grunge), Dr. Heresy, Don D.C. Drake, Bull Montana, Sonny Goodspeed, Dangerous Danny Davis, "The Butcher" Kevin Hughes, Maverick Wild, Kenny Casanova and the legendary Angelo Savoldi.

There was also a special award that evening for Best manager 2009-2010 which went to John Cena Sr. aka Johnny Fabulous. We had a special surprise unadvertised appearance from Mick Foley which fans went crazy over. Matt Borne had asked me "Hey..You want Mick here?" I jokingly said yes as i thought he was kidding and about an hour later Mick Foley walked in and signed autographs/took photos for over an hour.

Another special award that evening was the first ever New England ICON award which was presented to Tim White and The Friendly Tap. Tim and his bar the Friendly Tap have always been a staple here in New England and the Tap was famous for hosting all of the wrestlers after the shows in Providence. You would also see many skits on Raw and Smackdown filmed out of The Tap. Shortly after this ceremony, Tim ended up selling the bar.

Local legend Robbie Ellis was also awarded with a Life time achievement award for all of his accomplishments through out his career. Robbie was actually an inductee in the inaugural Class of the New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame two years prior in 2008.

Fans and wrestlers alike really enjoyed themselves over the course of the weekend and demanded it returned the following year. Being a success, we returned again in 2011 at the same location.

It was nice to see Bryan Clark reunite with one of his old trainers Ox Baker during the Fan Fest. Ox was a staple at the New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame and New England Fan Fest events. If you came to one of our events, you knew the legendary Ox Baker would be in the house.

It was certainly something special to see the entire Savoldi family inducted into the Class of 2010. To see them all together and really enjoying the full day was a sight to see and something fans will never forget.

It`s important to make it to these types of events as you just never know if it`s your final opportunity to meet some of the greats both local and national. Life is too short, live your dreams! Thank you to all the fans that have supported New England Fan Fest and the New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame over the years and since the beginning.

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