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Exclusive: Pro Wrestler Brandi Lauren

Joseph Bruen: So what's your story? What was it like growing up as a kid?

Brandi Lauren: As a kid I grew up in Buffalo, New York and moved to Tampa when I was about seven. When I moved here with my family we lived in an apartment for a while until our house was finished being built. My parents made sure that we never had a dull moment though. We had spent every weekend and holiday at Disney. I always get asked who was your favorite wrestler as a kid? But I actually never watched wrestling as a kid. I didn't start watching wrestling until about 2 years ago. My cousin Angela had me go to a local show with her in Buffalo. I fell in love with wrestling from there on.

Joseph Bruen: How did you first get involved in the wrestling business and when did you first decide it`s what you wanted to do?

Brandi Lauren: After becoming interested in wrestling about 2 years ago I had decided that I wanted to train right away. After I came home from vacation in Buffalo I started looking for places to train. Eventually I was introduced to my trainer Jay Lethal. I went to watch one of his classes to decide if it would be what I would like to do. I was so impressed with his teaching methods and decided to start training there. Training for wrestling has been such an amazing experience. A little after I started training another female, Lindsay Snow, started training at our school as well. Now we train and travel all the time together. Training at Jays school is like having a big wrestling family. I've met so many amazing people. I feel super lucky to be apart of it all.

Joseph Bruen: What are your hobbies / interests outside of the ring?

Brandi Lauren: A big hobby of mine is actually lifting weights. I go to the gym about 5-7 days a week. I started getting into working out when I decided to start wrestling to get in shape but instead it became a hobby. Since I decided to start wrestling too when I started, I had lost about 60 pounds. Joseph Bruen: What was your debut match like? Where did it take place? Who was your opponent?

Brandi Lauren: My debut match was super nerve wracking. After I finished I was super excited and happy. I realized how much I really love wrestling. My debut match was with ACW in New Port Richey. I picked up the win against Hollywood Von Royal.

Joseph Bruen: What does Brandi Lauren stand for? Who is Brandi Lauren the character?

Brandi Lauren: I feel like I represent the fact that anyone can do anything they want if they put their mind to it. Over 2 years ago I was a girl sitting on her couch eating donuts weighing 180 pounds and not having a clue what I wanted to do. Today I weigh 60 pounds less and I'm traveling and doing what I absolutely love. Brandi Lauren is that girl who goes to prove her point and make a statement. Joseph Bruen: Which wrestlers have you looked up to over the years and why?

Brandi Lauren: Although I haven't been watching wrestling that long I absolutely love Alundra Blayze. She has such a unique style that I've never seen in any other female wrestler. Joseph Bruen: Which promotions have you worked for so far and do have any favorites?

Brandi Lauren: So far I have worked for ACW, Go Wrestling, PAL, USWA,PW2.0 Coming up I'll be starting to work with Full throttle Pro and Brain Buster. I've loved them all so far. Everyone has been super welcoming towards me. Joseph Bruen: Which promotions haven`t you worked for yet but would love to get to moving forward?

Brandi Lauren: I have yet to travel out of Florida yet. I'd really like to work out of the area. I'd really like to work for Shine,Shimmer, Queens of Combat and many more. There's tons of super talented female wrestlers and I'd really like to get the opportunity to work with some of them.

Joseph Bruen: Have you had any injuries yet?

Brandi Lauren: Not anything serious. I hope to keep it that way. Just lots of soreness.

Joseph Bruen: What is your training routine like to stay fit and be ready for your opponents?

Brandi Lauren: I train to lift weights all week and I take 5-9 mile walks regularly. I enjoy being active and staying fit so it's been easy. I also train with Jay as well as with Rain and a group of her students on Sundays.

Joseph Bruen: What is your long term goal in pro wrestling?

Brandi Lauren: I want to make a career out of wrestling. I want to travel and keep learning and growing. I really want to be someone people look up to and to show everyone how hard I work and how far I've come. Joseph Bruen: Who have your top three matches been against so far?

Brandi Lauren: Santana, Raquel, and Violet Vs me, Su Young, and Dominique Fabiano. Me and Chelsea Diamond vs Lindsay Snow, Stormie Lee, and the Bionic Beast Jena VanB, Also a match with Stormie Lee Joseph Bruen: If you could narrow it down to three, what are your top three matches of all time that you have witnessed but were not apart of? Brandi Lauren: Alundra Blayze and Bull Nakano matches were always a favorite. Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon WrestleMania X. Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat November 22, 1986

Joseph Bruen: How can fans follow you online and social media?

Brandi Lauren:

Social media

Instagram:FreshTillDead Snapchat: Justshutupok Twitter: FreshTill_Dead Facebook: Brandi Lauren Joseph Bruen: You have done some modeling as well. Is that something you would like to do more of down the line?

Brandi Lauren: It is something I enjoyed doing a lot. My main focus is wrestling but when the opportunity come up I do enjoy modeling in my free time. Joseph Bruen: Did you ever think of branching into acting? That line of work comes naturally for many involved in the industry.

Brandi Lauren: I would definitely like to try it out. I enjoy trying new things. I want to see where things take me.

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