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Exclusive: "The Dream Catcher" Eric Spicely Part 2

Joseph Bruen: You are apart of this seasons The Ultimate Fighter! Tell us all about how that opportunity came about for you and everything that led up to the arrival at the house.

Eric Spicely: Being on this season of The Ultimate Fighter has been great. I attended open tryouts in December. My supplement sponsor Scivation paid for my trip out there. I was selected out of a group of roughly 300


Joseph Bruen: All your hard work seems to be paying off as you have made it to The Ultimate Fighter! How does it feel hearing that now that reality has had time to set in?

Eric Spicely: It feels great. I've worked really hard to get to this spot. A lot of my friends have done the show and it feels really surreal to join them in MMA history.

Joseph Bruen: You represent Team Claudia on the show. Tell us about her and how she is off the camera. She comes off on TV as a caring individual but someone you certainly wouldn't want to cross.

Eric Spicely: Claudia is one of the most caring wonderful coaches ever. She's a high level fighter and it translates to her coaching ability. It really felt like we were a family while we were there.

Joseph Bruen: What are your thoughts of the opposing coach on The Ultimate Fighter, Joanna?

Eric Spicely: Joanna is just how she seems. She's a cold killer. That's her style and that's what gotten her this far.

Joseph Bruen: Tell us how a typical day of filming goes on the show and how involved they actually are in your personal day to day activities. Is there any privacy at all in the house?

Eric Spicely: There is no privacy in the house. There are no doors on our rooms. The house is covered in cameras and microphones. They don't interact with you or tell you to do or say anything but they are around us all day.

Joseph Bruen: Your pro wrestling trainer Biff Busick (NXT star Christopher Gerard) has been signed to NXT. How does it feel to see your trainer succeed on the grand stage of pro wrestling?

Eric Spicely: It feels great to see Chris doing great things. He was a great trainer. He really took care of Chuck O'neil and I. He booked us our first match and believed in us.

Joseph Bruen: Recently on the show after being so involved in the show and not being able to participate in social media, you were treated to a night out in Vegas courtesy of the party bus! Tell us about that night out. Any good stories come out of it?

Eric Spicely: The night out was fun. We all had fights coming up. So we didn't drink. But the other team was having a lotttttt of fun. So it was cool.

Joseph Bruen: UFC President Dana White recently made some harsh comments after one of your fights. He basically said the fight wasn't exciting and you didn't show that you belonged in the UFC. What did you think of those comments and how did they affect you?

Eric Spicely: I won and that was the most important thing. I tried my hardest to finish him but it didn't come. Dana is a promoter and this is entertainment. I don't fault him for his comments.

Joseph Bruen: How is the whole experience of living in the house on The Ultimate Fighter? Does everyone get along for the most part? What do you do to kill time with the void of not socializing outside of the house or even using the internet?

Eric Spicely: It was great. Due mostly to the cast members. Everyone was so great and easy to get along with. We spent a lot of time playing pool and sitting in the hot tub. After a while it got very old and I just wanted to go home.

Joseph Bruen: How can fans purchase your "ABS DON`T WIN FIGHTS" T shirt?

Eric Spicely: They can send their size and payment of 25$ to

Joseph Bruen: You have witnessed the tension between Joanna and Claudia first hand. Break that down a little for us and explain what you have witnessed on the show so far from your point of view.

Eric Spicely: What everyone saw is what was really going on. They were ready to kill each other everyday. Sometimes it was funny sometimes it was very uncomfortable.

Joseph Bruen: Some would say the most important fight of your career so far was the fight to get into the house. The importance of that match goes without saying and ultimately determined whether or not you would make it onto the show which is obviously huge for your MMA career. Tell us all about that fight, the preparation going into it, the feeling going through your mind the day of the fight and post fight thoughts.

Eric Spicely: That fight was definitely the most important fight of my career. If I lose to a guy who isn't a big name it sets me way back. If I win I get a chance to win a contract and be apart of history. I was so stressed out. I put it aside and ending up submitting him in the first round.

Joseph Bruen: Where can fans follow you on social media?

Eric Spicely: @spicewonder on Instagram Eric Spicely on Facebook and @EricSpicely on Twitter

Joseph Bruen: Team Claudia seems to be smoking the competition. Dana White said it himself that this could be the first sweep ever on The Ultimate Fighter! With all these wins coming in for your team, what does that do to the moral around the house?

Eric Spicely: With every win our confidence grew. We grew closer and closer. As well as stronger and stronger. We wanted to make history.

Joseph Bruen: Tell us all about your 2nd fight on the show which was your 10th professional fight. You are now 10-0 and won your last fight by decision. Break down that entire fight and how you felt about it after the fact.

Eric Spicely: I fought Elias Urbina. He's 6'5 and huge. He had a long reach and wasn't very good on the ground. I wanted to get him on ground and not deal with his wild striking. I ended up doing that and won a UD. It wasn't the most exciting fight but I got the job done.

Joseph Bruen: You have started a weekly blog. Where can fans follow your blog?

Eric Spicely: They can find my blog on

Joseph Bruen: In your opinion, what has the biggest upset been so far on this season of The Ultimate Fighter?

Eric Spicely: The biggest upset by far is Amanda Cooper beating the more experienced Jamie moyle. She wanted that fight and wanted to beat the best the girl on the team. She pulled out the victory.

Joseph Bruen: Any interesting behind the scenes stories come out of the show that maybe the viewer hasn`t seen?

Eric Spicely: I can't say there is. What you see on the show is what you got.

Joseph Bruen: Turning the page back to pro wrestling for a moment, what are your thoughts on the brand split and draft coming back to the WWE? Also what are your thoughts on the current crop of up and coming talent in NXT?

Eric Spicely: Honestly I haven't been watching the product

Joseph Bruen: Who do you think the best female and male fighter is on team Joanna?

Eric Spicely: I think Josh and Jamie Moyle are the best fighters on the read team.

Joseph Bruen: We look forward to following your progress, wish you the best of luck moving forward and hope to catch up again soon Eric! Thanks for joining us.

Eric Spicely: Thank you so much for having me Joe!

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