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Exclusive: Donovan Dijak

Joseph Bruen: How did you first get involved in pro wrestling? Where did you train and who trained you?

Donovan Dijak: I began training in 2012 at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy under Brian Fury.

Joseph Bruen: What hobbies outside of wrestling keep you busy?

Donovan Dijak: I've got more than enough to keep me busy without hobbies haha. Fundraising I suppose.

Joseph Bruen: Have you always been a wrestling fan as a kid? Who were your favorites growing up?

Donovan Dijak: I was a fan mostly as a teenager. I loved Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Joseph Bruen: How was it being so tall growing up? Tell us about the journey and which ages you realized that you were going to be a big kid. Did it have it`s advantages and/or downfalls?

Donovan Dijak: Mostly just used it as an advantage toward basketball. I was fortunate in that I was never disproportionately tall. That being said it did take much longer for me to grow into my clumsy body.

Joseph Bruen: You have worked for Beyond Wrestling, how have those experiences been?

Donovan Dijak: Outstanding. Beyond has done more for me than I could ever possibly repay.

Joseph Bruen: Being apart of ROH is something important to anyone who can say they have been apart of that promotion. How has it been to work for that company and explain the feeling of your first opportunity to work for them.

Donovan Dijak: Kind of surreal to be honest. In my head, ROH was always the best of the best. It was where the guys who were the best in the world in the ring went. So to be there after less than a year and a half on paid shows in front of crowds was really a huge step for me.

Joseph Bruen: You have the pleasure of working with Prince NaNa who has been a main stay in ROH for many many years. He is a great example of someone who can keep a career successful. How has it been working with him and what have you learned from him?

Donovan Dijak: So far so good! I have learned a great deal from Nana, but persistence is definitely at the top of the list.

Joseph Bruen: Who have your favorite opponents been so far in your career and why? When you look at the card on paper and see your name across from someone that brings a smile to your face, which names come to mind?

Donovan Dijak: Brian Fury, Will Ferrara, Tommaso Ciampa, Warbeard Hanson, Mikey Webb.

Joseph Bruen: Which states have you worked in so far? Have you had a favorite yet?

Donovan Dijak: A lot. My favorite is a tie between Massachusetts and Rhode Island, although Pennsylvania has been surprisingly good to me.

Joseph Bruen: Do you have a favorite venue to wrestle in front of?

Donovan Dijak: 2300 Arena probably.

Joseph Bruen: Any good road stories come about yet?

Donovan Dijak: Not really.

Joseph Bruen: What are your long term goals in wrestling?

Donovan Dijak: To be the best I possibly can be. To change lives for the better.

Joseph Bruen:Which promotions have you worked for so far in your wrestling career and which has been your favorite?

Donovan Dijak: A great many. My favorites are ROH, Beyond, and Chaotic. I also love wrestling overseas in Europe!

Joseph Bruen: What advice can you give to someone wanting to get into the wrestling business or in the early stages of doing so?

Donovan Dijak: Find a great school. Not a good one, a great one. There's less than 20 on earth. Ask around.

Joseph Bruen: If you could pick your top 5 matches of all time that you have witnessed, what would they be and why?

Donovan Dijak: Witnessed live? Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Roderick Strong comes to mind. I'm stopping there because I can't decide between others.

Joseph Bruen: How did you come up with the name Donovan Dijak?

Donovan Dijak: Dijak is my real last name. Donovan was given to me by Chaotic Wrestling.

Joseph Bruen: Do you find that you work better with other big men or shorter wrestlers? What style do you seem to mesh well with?

Donovan Dijak: I pride myself on being able to work well with anyone, no matter what.

Joseph Bruen: Who would you like to lock it up with that you haven`t had the chance to with yet?

Donovan Dijak: Jay Lethal, although that will be changing quite soon.

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