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Exclusive: Artist Jason Casey

Joseph Bruen: Hey Jason thanks for joining us today. How did you first get involved in the world of art? Was it something you always had a passion for as a kid?

Jason Casey: I don't remember having a fascination for art until I was about 8. I received my first comic book (Amazing Spider-Man) and began to draw the images in the book as soon as I got home with it. Everything changed for me after that day. I became a rabid collector and would try to replicate all the different styles of art I saw in the comics.

Joseph Bruen: What inspires you to do a certain art piece? Walk us through the process and how you go about thinking of new ideas.

Jason Casey:My inspiration comes mostly from other people. Whether I'm working on a commission of a portrait of someone's child or I'm drawing a piece of fanart of a popular character, I use the excitement that others will have for the finished product as a motivator.

Joseph Bruen: How many pieces of art do you think you have produced roughly and what are your favorites so far?

Jason Casey: Actual finished pieces that I believe are worthy of showcasing, I'd say close to a hundred. I'm not sure if I have a favorite but I can say the pieces I'm most proud of are my Robin Williams and Michonne (The Walking Dead) portraits.

Joseph Bruen: You have always been a wrestling fan, tell us about some of the great moments of meeting your favorite wrestling stars over the years.

Jason Casey: Meeting Hulk Hogan and gifting a portrait to him was a surreal moment. I grew up a Hulkamaniac and pro wrestling was a huge part of my life as a youngster. My being so immersed in comics and the super hero genre, I viewed wrestling as a live comic book. The one dimensional good versus evil storylines and the massive builds the wrestlers had, it all just makes sense that I became a huge fan.

Joseph Bruen: Where can fans find you and your work on social media?

Jason Casey: You can find me at @jasoncaseyart on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

Joseph Bruen: Talk to us about some of the feedback you have received over the years on your work from the public. Any moments stand out?

Jason Casey: Every compliment is always incredible and I'm amazed at the amount of praise I get either online or when I'm showcasing my works at a comic con. A stand out moment is a few years ago at Boston Comic Con, a ten year old boy was with his family and they were looking through my art. They just arrived and still hadn't seen everything on the con floor (over 200 artists) and the mom of said boy said they were going to look around more first before buying anything, to which I said is what you should always do. Two hours later they were back and that boys mother told me that he wanted my Spider-Man print. He nor anyone in that family were holding anything they had purchased and my piece was what he wanted most of all. Out of the thousands of pieces of art that he could have chosen that day, he chose mine. I have countless moments and memories with fans and celebs but for some reason this boy resonates the most when Im asked this question.

Joseph Bruen: What shows have you done over the years and do you have any favorite events you enjoy being apart of?

Jason Casey: This is my eighth year in the comic con scene. I think I'm close to hitting 100 shows. My favorites are Boston Comic Con and Granite State Comic Con, not just because of the success I have at them financially but more so due to my being able to see so many friends Ive acquired in this crazy scene.

Joseph Bruen: What words of wisdom do you have for a young artist just starting out?

Jason Casey: Don't compare your work to others. Learn from others and be inspired, but try your best not to compare. The more time you put into your art the better you'll get. And most importantly, you're not born with a skill or talent; it has to be earned. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Joseph Bruen: What do you enjoy drawing the most? You have covered so many different things but must have some favorites.

Jason Casey: Mostly people. I'm not the fan of drawing buildings or cars.

Joseph Bruen: If you had to pick 3 pieces of art that you have produced, what would your favorite three be and why?

Jason Casey: My Robin Williams, Spider-Man (Civil War) and my Wonderland/Caterpillar pieces.

Joseph Bruen: Tell us some stories about moments where you presented a piece of art to a star / celeb and their reaction to seeing themselves as a drawing.

Jason Casey: Dante Luna, whom I see you've interviewed as well, has a You Tube channel with video of some interactions I've had with Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan.

Every celeb I've met, and I've been fortunate to meet so many, have all been extremely appreciative with the art I've given them.

Joseph Bruen: Who are some of your favorite artists out there from any era?

Jason Casey: Alex Ross, Frank Frazetta, Esad Ribic, Adi Granov, Alex Maleev, Jae Lee... the list goes on...

Joseph Bruen: What's the best piece of art you have ever seen? Anything stick out in memory?

Jason Casey: There's a plethora of art that is forever etched in my memory. I could never narrow them down to one piece.

Joseph Bruen: Any upcoming projects that you have recently started or plan on starting soon?

Jason Casey: This year I'm focused on moving away from fan art for a while and creating some more original concepts. I want to get back into painting as well.

Jason Casey Hatter & Hare Studios

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