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Lethal Paul Lauzon

Paul Lauzon had always wanted to entertain people from the time he was a small child.Different forms of "show business" had run in his family, but he wasn't quite sure what form of entertainment would be best for him. Holding magic shows for his family from the age of 7, it wasn't a large enough audience to satisfy his hunger to entertain. Always being sports orientated, he began getting involved in martial arts, and in no time made a name for himself as being "very entertaining". As most people know, most martial artists don't have an audience so he began kickboxing to hear the roar of the crowd. 16 years had gone by and his appetite for the admiration of spectators was really getting the best of him. As luck would have it, one day he drove by a place in New Bedford, Ma that said "Have you ever wanted to be a pro wrestler"? With a resounding YES! He called to meet the man. Soon after he started training with former WWF wrestler Silvano Souza. A lot of the training became natural and in three months was ready for his first match. Getting knocked out cold in that first match wasn't enough to kill his dream. It was on and up from their and a year later captured the New England tag team championship with "Brutal" Bob Evans. A 20 year career saw many miles, many titles and many great friends. Even working for the Savoldi's in IWCCW, an appearing on The Sports channel on Saturday mornings. Now many of the guys you can come out and see on independent shows in the area, have been trained and groomed by Paul Lauzon. Today he owns and operates Lethal Pro Wrestling out of Fall River.

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