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Erin Delaney

Hello! I am Erin Delaney, a twenty something year old with a passion for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle! I have always loved cooking (especially desserts) and making my meals as healthy as possible! I try to make easy, delicious recipes that will deliver as much nutrients and be tasty for everyone! My passion for healthy eating and exercising started when I was in high school and has only grown, as I have gotten older. In high school I tried out every sport there was but running has always been my favorite thing to do. When I started working at Whole Foods Market in college my eyes opened up to a lot of new options for cooking styles that I didn’t know existed. I adopted a vegan plant based diet for over a year now, and I feel great! Even if the recipes here don’t involve meat, or something that you like, it can simply be added in and will still give you a lot of plant- based nutrients in your meal!Other than healthy eating, I enjoy traveling around the world. I graduated from Johnson and Wales University with a Bachelor’s in Travel and Tourism, and have been to various countries including Italy, Greece, Peru, Mexico and Costa Rica! I love meeting new people and learning about new cultures, and I cannot wait to keep exploring the world!

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