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"Sensational" Sandy Starr

Sandy Starr started in 1972. She had been watching wrestling as far back as she could remember. It was on at midnight on Saturdays, filmed in a studio in Detroit with wrestlers such as Bobo Brazil, Lord Layton, The Sheik, Tex Mackenzie, and more. After attending a few matches, Sandy got to meet with the RI promoter who worked with Abe Ford, who ran the Boston Garden. Starr started working and learning the business from the bottom up, every aspect from setting up the ring, running the concession stand, making ring attire and accessories and advertising to promoting. All during this time she was training, four years in total. It was comprehensive yet sporadic due to the fact that Sandy was still in school, working full time in a factory and working at the shows. The training was universal, meaning she could work in many styles, collegiate, technical and hard-core along with Lucha and Japanese formats. She worked for an alphabet soup of organizations, so many had the same initials. The major ones were the Santos promotions, WWWF, ICCW (the Savoldi's), IWA (Johnny Powers, who now has an MMA league), and NWA. Some of her favorites have been Hardcore Joe's Wrestling Federation, Primal Conflict, Universal Wrestling Alliance, Empire Pro Wrestling, and Yankee Pro Wrestling.

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