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"American Eagle" Shane Simons

Shane Simons made his pro debut on January 15, 1994 for Coastal Pro Wrestling in Taunton,MA. He was trained by “Lethal" Paul Lauzon and Nick Steel. Simons has wrestled for Coastal Pro Wrestling, New England Pro Wrestling, Ringside Wrestling, AWA(NH),Power League Wrestling, Massachusetts Championship Wrestling, Lou Bordeau's UCW, Anthony Rufo's UCW, IIW, Yankee Pro Wrestling, South Coast Championship Wrestling, Green Mountain Wrestling, Chaotic Wrestling, Showcase Pro Wrestling, Lethal Pro Wrestling and many others. Shane Simons held many titles. Some include; Power League Wrestling Tag Team Champion, Power League Wrestling New England Champion, Power League Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, South Coast Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champion, and others. Simons most memorable matches are his pro debut match, Power-Fest 2000 vs. Little Guido, Tagging w/Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart vs. The Damned(November 2001). His favorite opponents to wrestle against are Derek Molhan, Paul Lauzon, TJ Richter, Little Guido, and Gary Apollo.

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