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New England Fan Fest 6 on the horizon!

Wrestling fans are you ready for New England Fan Fest 6?! After a two year break, New England Fan Fest makes it`s return in June of 2018. The date and location will be announced in just about a week. Founder Joseph Bruen recently explained that Fan Fest will be going back to it`s roots. Over the years the Fan Fest has grown larger and larger and had really come a long way. Mr. Bruen explained that when he says that they are going back to their roots, it simply means they are scaling back and returning to their origins of a smaller, family friendly event. The event will still have wrestling stars from the past, present and future but will include about 20 or so stars rather than 80. It grew to the point where some fans were turned off by it and really got away from what it was meant to be. The New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame is the main focus of the weekend again and that`s how it should be. Sure there will be stars signing autographs and taking photos, but by scaling it back there will be more opportunities for the fans to get up close and personal with their favorite wrestling stars rather than rushed through a line.

The event will be organized more like New England Fan Fest 1 & 2. Several fans over the years expressed how they missed the magic of the early Fan Fests and that`s exactly what we are going to bring back said Joseph Bruen. There will be autograph sessions, Merchandise vendors, Q&A sessions, Stand up comedy, photo opportunities and culminating with the Class of 2018 Induction Ceremony for the New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame. Stay tuned for more info as it will be announced over the next week or so!

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