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Andy Lampert

Andy Lampert is a musician/songwriter from Rhode Island. He has played guitar and sang in Rhode Island area bands since the late 1980's. The bands went nowhere and the few recording projects he was involved with were played once or twice on local radio but soon dropped out of sight. Most would have given up, but Andy trudged on, hoping that he could write and record the songs that he heard in his head. And this brings us to... "10 SONGS OF PAIN" is Andy's first full length album and was released to the world on August 7, 2015. This album will take about an hour to listen to, but it will be nothing like you have ever herd. This album is full of '60's and '70's influenced power pop and glam, but presented in an original way. There is something for everyone on this album. Andy Lampert "10 SONGS OF PAIN" is available in CD form at and available for digital download at, i-tunes, and just about everywhere else!

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